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Social Affiliate Program - Terms and Conditions

Program Mission Statement
The mission of our Social Affiliate Program is to effectively promote the XBMCXSTREAM TV box throughout the Country. It is our belief that this technology has mass market appeal and is best introduced to the public through a network of Social Affiliates that use, enjoy and understand the technology.

The Opportunity
We have designed an Affiliate program that provides our Affiliates a substantial financial benefit for sales generated through simply sharing their TV Box experiences and affiliate links through text messages, email, social media or in personal interactions.

Social Group Matrix
Once you register on our site you become a member of our Social Affiliate program by purchasing your own XBMCXSTREAM TV Box you will automatically become part of a greater Social Affiliate Group. With the marketing tools we provide, you will be generating income with your own referrals and begin to building your own Social Affiliate Group. All you need to do is give your friends and family your honest opinion on this fantastic technology and how it provides and inexpensive home entertainment alternative to those who use it. Join the revolution!

Group Matrix Visual

Social Group Support
No more waiting on the phone for countless minutes waiting for support from your cable or satellite provider. Through your Affiliate Group and XBMCXSTREAM.COM most questions can easily be answered. Answers are available through online video tutorials, online FAQ's, Email Support, other members in your group that are familiar with their own TV Boxes. This Social Affiliate Group support model can provide the ultimate in technical support. 

Social Affiliate Remuneration

To become an Authorized Social Affiliate you will need to purchase our own XBMCXSTREAM TV Box and post a review on the website within 60 days of receiving your product. 

Once you purchase your own XBMCXSTREAM TV Box you will receive your Social Affiliate member number. You will be able to access the website marketing tools and generate image and text links that will direct your contacts to the site. A permanent cookie (tracking code) is issued for the access device so at any time this referral returns to the site to make a purchase the system will remember and credit your Affiliate number at the appropriate commission level.

Affiliate commissions are paid once every 45 days via paypal. In the event that a box is returned for a refund during the 30 day no-questions-asked return period, the commissions due to the Affiliates will cancelled with the refund.

Commission Structure
Our Social affiliate program is totally unique in the TV Box industry. Not only do we reward our affiliates for purchases from their direct referrals, we also pay commissions on sales generated 2 layers deep within their social matrix. This passive revenue makes it very beneficial to promote the product and expand your group. No limits are set on the number of affiliates in the 3 groups. No commissions are paid on personal sales or sales generated by using your own affiliate code.

Group 1 - This is the group of affiliates that you have directly referred with your affiliate code and discount links. Commission rate: 12% of the unit price. (Does not include taxes, shipping, or discounts)

Group 2 - This is the group of affiliates that have been referred by your Group 1 affiliates through their affiliate codes and discount links. Commission rate: 5% of the unit price. (Does not include taxes, shipping, or discounts)

Group 3 - This is the group of affiliates that have been referred by your Group 2 affiliates through their affiliate codes and discount links. Commission rate: 3% of the unit price. (Does not include taxes, shipping, or discounts)

Discounts Coupons - All Social Affiliates are issued a special discount code the can be used in conjunction with the XMBCXSTREAM business card to promote the products in a more personal situation. This special discount provides the user with a 5% discount at time of check out.

Unauthorized Affiliates
Unauthorized affiliates are affiliates who have registered but have not yet purchased a XBMCXSTREAM TV Box or written a product review on the website. Unauthorized Affiliates can promote the product and accumulate commissions in their account, however, commissions will not be paid out until they have Authorized status.

Banned Affiliates
The owner and site administrator reserves the right to ban affiliates for reasons as listed below. Banned Affiliates will no longer be Authorized to promote the XBMCXSTREAM products and will no longer be able to accumulate commissions. Commissions accumulated prior to the banning will be paid in full within the terms and conditions as set out above.

Affiliates can be banned for;
1. Misrepresenting xbmcxstream,com, it's products and services.
2. Using your own affiliate number to purchase products.
3. Convicted of fraudulent or criminal acts.
4. Using or configuring Addons that would violate existing Copyright laws in Canada.
5. Using unauthorized text and/or image links to promote XBMCXSTREAM products or services.
6. Malicious use of the XBMCXSTREAM website.

Affiliate Marketing Tools
We provide approved image and text links that contain your Social Affiliate code. These links are to be used to promote the website and products. The links can be pasted in Social Media, email and mobile texts. These marketing tools are free and can be accessed after logging in and going to the Marketing Tools area in your "My Account" section.

Other Marketing tools will be offered from time to time. These include business cards and discount codes. You can write your Social Affiliate or Discount code on the reverse side of the business card and use them for in-person promotions. The premium business cards are available at a nominal cost on the website.

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